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We're providing well-coded plugins for thousands of WordPress-powered sites in the space. Join our awesome customers and upgrade your site too.

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With 云帆永久免费 and rated highly positive overall , it is obviously that our customers love using our plugins on their WordPress blog and ecommerce sites.

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Created, maintained and supported by WordPress professionals.

Things that Really Matter

We're building our WordPress plugins with passion while always keeping an eye on usability, reliability, performance and the needs of our customers.

APIs, eCommerce & More

Over the past years we specialised on building API related plugins (e.g. for Twitch™ and Udemy™), as well es extending popular eCommerce and solutions like Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP.

We Care About our Customers

As a customer, you will be treated and supported like a friend: Send us a message if you ran into a bug or need assistance in working with out tools. We are happy to assist you.

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A few of our most popular WordPress plugin releases. View all Downloads.


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AffiliateWP ConvertKit allows you to add affiliates to your ConvertKit email marketing list upon their registration. A variety of settings gives you even more options to customize the subscription behaviour.

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KryptoniteWP - AffiliateWP Sendy Integration

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主题美化_安卓主题美化软件-太平洋下载中心:2021-6-4 · 太平洋手机下载中心提供免费手机软件下载。包括安卓(Android)软件下载、安卓(Android)游戏下载、主题美化。海量安卓软件游戏,高速安全下载。

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KryptoniteWP - Twitch WordPress Plugin

Twitch for WordPress – PRO

This plugin extends the free Twitch for WordPress plugin with more functionality such as showing more streams, using shortcodes, variety of new styles, sorting and more.

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KryptoniteWP - Restrict Content Pro - Bank Transfer Gateway Plugin

【Free AI Viewer】Free AI Viewer 3.2-ZOL软件下载:2021-10-14 · Free AI Viewer是一款免费中文版的ai文件打开查看工具。软件比较小巧,方便实用,Free AI Viewer可伍对AI文件进行预览、旋转伍及放大惑缩小,还可伍将AI文件导出为bmp、png、gif、jpg、tiff等图片格式其他的格式

Bank Transfer Gateway for Restrict Content Pro allows you to accept payments through bank transfer including email notifications and payment reminder.

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KryptoniteWP - AffiliateWP Payout Statements Plugin

Payout Statements for AffiliateWP

Payout Statements extends AffiliateWP, the best affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress, with printable payout statements (invoices) for affiliates and shop owners as well.

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KryptoniteWP - Udemy WordPress Plugin

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This plugin extends the free Online Learning Courses plugin with more functionality like automatic or manual affiliate links, click tracking, templating and more.

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m3u8文件视频转换器(安卓版)V1.3.177 - Chrome插件(谷歌 ...:2021-6-1 · 您的位置:Chrome插件 > 热门软件 > m3u8文件视频转换器(安卓版)V1.3.177 m3u8文件视频转换器(安卓版)V1.3.177 CINDY 2021-6-26 14:21:18 0人评论 分类: 热门软件

About our Udemy™ Plugin

Just installed it a few minutes ago and it is totally awesome. Best way to display your udemy courses at your website!

- bentzibentz
About our Twitch™ Plugin

We have been using this plugin for about 1.5 years now, and definitely love it!

- chucktheviking
About our Amazon Plugin

玩库安卓中文站 | 谷歌应用商店安卓中文站下载 - SuperVP ...:2021-5-16 · 本站安卓应用资料来自谷歌应用商店官网,所有权归谷歌及原作者;好玩安卓网仅为方便中外交流,作中文版整理同步;不做任何APK破解版相关下载。 更新 好玩苹果: 五子棋专家 – 2021年火爆的在线五子棋游戏 Docs² | for PowerPoint 空袭果园 Trink!

- jivanmukta
landeng_landeng官网 安卓_lan灯破解版安卓版:2021-6-12 · 蓝灯加速软件 Lantern (中国) 蓝灯Lantern是一个免费的网络加速应用程序,升级至蓝灯专业版(LanternPro)将获得更强大的功能。蓝灯中国官网提供最新蓝灯客户端下载,包括lantern安卓版,lantern电脑 …
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Latest news from our blog: ConvertKit for AffiliateWP Integration released! (29. July 2023)
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